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Montgomery Magazine Wheels and Deals Feature

Reed Brothers Dodge, Montgomery MagazineReed Brothers is very proud and honored to be featured in the month of August/September 2022 Montgomery Magazine, “Then & Now” section. The black and white photograph above shows the expansion of Reed Brothers Dogde showroom and Gulf Gasoline Station that took place in 1941. At about the same time as the gas station was remodeled, Lewis Reed split up the Sales and Parts and Service operations by constructing a complete new building that was located at the intersection of at Montgomery Avenue and Dodge Street.

A closer look at the photo reveals the price of gasoline as 15 cents. On the right attached to a telephone pole is a sign pointing the way to Olney. In addition to the Gulf signage there is a small, barely visible sign below that promotes, “Clean Rest Rooms”.Reed Brothers Dodge, Montgomery Magazine

The color photograph above, is the dealership’s location today, now known as Veterans Park. In the 1970s, the site was known as the Francis Scott Key Memorial Park, and later in 1988, it was permanently rededicated as Veterans Park. In the late 1960s, the state of Maryland acquired the land to widen Rt 355 and donated the remaining sliver to the City. The State of Maryland named the connector street behind the dealership’s original location “Dodge Street” following the dealership’s 1941 expansion.

Montgomery Magazine is a lifestyle magazine, with timely articles on county leaders, entertainment, sports, neighborhood and restaurant profiles, entrepreneurs, historic landmarks then and now, plus seasonal special sections of local interest.

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Women’s History Month | A Spotlight on Blog Author

This special post doesn’t have anything to do with Reed Brothers Dodge history, but it does have a lot to do with this blog’s author. I am so honored and proud to be featured in this article by The United States Air Force Band in recognition of Women’s History Month & International Women’s Day. To read the full article on the Air Force Band’s website, please visit:…/IwAR3g1Fiu5VoK9EkGibCUQFtBE…/

From The United States Air Force Band Facebook page

Lewis Reed Photos in Film Premiere: The Three (Known) Lynchings of Montgomery County, Maryland

These are screenshots of three of Lewis Reed’s photographs that appeared in the premiere screening of “The Three (Known) Lynchings of Montgomery County, Maryland” held Sunday, November 15, 2020 at a virtual event sponsored by the Montgomery County Lynching Memorial Project. (click any image to view photo gallery)

Jay Malin, filmmaker and photographer:

I haven’t seen anything else that gives as good an idea of what Darnestown or Rockville or an ordinary road in the county looked like in the day of the horse and buggy…. As a photographer, I know we most often fail to photograph the aspects of daily life that would really be of interest to future generations. So to have a photo of a horse and buggy on a county road or of the almshouse, which is probably the last thing most people would have thought to photograph, is really great.

I know if my grandfather was here today, I am certain he would be truly humbled and pleased that his photography is being used to help educate future generations.

Lewis Reed’s photos have also been featured in historical television programming, including on the national television show American Pickers, Science Channel Impossible Engineering, Maryland Public Television, and the American Experience History Series on PBS.

Montgomery County Lynching Memorial Project
Jay Mallin Photos

Peerless Rockville/Glenview Mansion Speaker Series

The Peerless Rockville/Glenview Mansion Speaker Series continues on-line. Join me Thursday, October 8 at 7:00pm on WebEx for my presentation on The History of Reed Brothers Dodge. My PowerPoint presentation will follow the dealerships historic timeline which showcases how Reed Brothers Dodge came into being, and how the company overcame the inevitable changes and challenges throughout almost a century of being in business. More than 150 photos will be featured, 90 of them historic images taken by the dealership’s founder, Lewis Reed. Click the link for free registration >>

Peerless Rockville/Glenview Mansion Speaker Series

Lewis Reed Photo on Discovery’s Science Channel

Impossible Engineering episode 4 London ArrayIn case you missed it, I got word that Lewis Reed’s 1923 race car photographs were taken out of the U.S. version of Episode 4 ‘London Array’ Series of Impossible Engineering that was scheduled to be broadcast on Thursday, January 24th on Discovery’s Science Channel. The race car photographs were a part of the “London Array Wind Farm” episode that featured a segment on the development of the race car.

According to TwoFour Broadcasting, this has been happening with this series as Discovery requires a shorter episode length than the rest of their broadcasters. However, one of Lewis Reed’s photos made it in the UK version, and the rest of the world. TwoFour was kind enough to send me a DVD copy of the UK version of the London Array episode that shows the archive featured in the show. Below are screen shots taken directly from the DVD.

Impossible Engineering episode 4 London Array

Impossible Engineering episode 4 London Array

Lewis Reed’s photo from the 1923 Rockville Fair Auto Races extracted from the Science Channel Impossible Engineering DVD.

Impossible Engineering episode 4 London Array

Screen shot of credits from Discovery Science Channel Impossible Engineering

Impossible Engineering celebrates engineering wonders detailing how they were built and how they work. The show unveils the past, present and future builds that have and will continue to change our world.

“Impossible Engineering” is produced for Science Channel by Twofour Broadcast.

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