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Great Stories Start HereDuring the latter part of 2012, I was introduced to Sabine Roy, CEO of SR/A Interior Architecture and Design and her staff by Josh Wooldridge, Senior Development Director at The Bainbridge Companies to discuss how Reed Brothers Dodge history could be incorporated into the interior decor of the Bainbridge Shady Grove Metro Apartment complex.

With their reputation for the use of historically referenced materials and detailing, SR/A Interior Architecture and Design of Bethesda embarked on a challenge to pay tribute to a century of history at the new development. Boasting elements such as large paintings, historical photographs, artifacts, graphics, distinctive automobile-themed accessories—including 3-dimensional objects (steering wheels, hubcaps, headlamps, etc.) attached to a wall montage in the leasing office—SR/A produced a vision for Bainbridge Shady Grove Metro that exceeded my wildest expectations. I know if my grandfather were here today to see all the amazing artwork commemorating his legacy he would be absolutely blown away by it.

It was a joy to collaborate with Sabine and her extraordinarily talented staff. It is abundantly clear they love what they do, and the results show it. “Your family was our inspiration and your archives our tool”, said Sabine Roy, CEO of SR/A Interior Architecture and Design. “Thank you for your support and appreciation of the work. We are very proud of this project.” Bainbridge Shady Grove Metro lives up to its motto: “Great Stories Start Here.”

Wall montage in Bainbridge Shady Grove leasing office with Reed Brothers photos and 3-dimensional objects attached (steering wheels, hubcaps, headlamps, etc).

Reed Brothers historical images were used as artwork within the Leasing Closing Room, the Leasing Office, and the Leasing Office Wall Mural. “It’ll be great fun and a profound homage to the previous occupants and history of the land,” said Sabine Roy, CEO of SR/A Interior Architecture and Design.

Other more off the rack images were used in the corridors and other areas. SR/A incorporated accessories based on the automobile and whatever vintage parts they could find and use.

SR/A Interior Design

Extracted from prweb press release: “During the latter part of 2012, Bainbridge proactively contacted me and asked if I would work with them to help showcase the dealership history into the design of the development,” said Jeanne Gartner, granddaughter of Lewis Reed, founder of Reed Brothers Dodge. “It was an honor to have served as their ‘history consultant.’ I worked closely with Sabine Roy of SR/A Interior Design to pay tribute to a century of history at the new development.” I am very proud to be quoted in this press release and to have served as history consultant to both SR/A Interior Architecture + Design of Bethesda and The Bainbridge Companies. The full press release can be viewed at:

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