1940s Personnel

This picture was taken January 15,1946 when Reed Brothers held its annual dinner at the Hungerford Tavern. Left to right they are: First row – Leo C. Murray, Arthur Watkins, Edgar Reed, Lewis Reed, Lester Wilson, Alfred Fraley. Second row – Raleigh Chinn, Marvin Shultz, Charles Burdette, Lee Langley, Elmer Ward, John Burdette, Aubrey Souders, Raymond Davis, Charles Ramsburg, Edward Brosius, Benjamin Thompson. Third Row – George Waters, Lloyd McElroy, Manning Howard, Guy Merry, Conway Wilson.

The picture includes two former employees, Raleigh S. Chinn, of Rockville, Salesman, who started with Reed Brothers in 1920. He resigned in 1942 due to lack of automobiles to sell. Edward R. Brosius, of Barnesville, Salesman, started with the company in 1938. He too resigned in 1942 when cars were unavailable.

W. Lester Wilson, Rockville, started in 1918.  He was the Shop Foreman and had been with Reed Brothers for 28 years.

Alfred Fraley, Redland, started in 1917 as a mechanic and stayed with the company more than 30+ years.

Benjamin J. Thompson, Colesville, joined the business in 1917 as Salesman. He stayed with Reed Brothers for 30+ years.

Leo Murray, Rockville, started in 1925 and was the Parts Department Manager. He served continuously for more than 21 years.

Elmer Ward, Comus, started in 1936 as a mechanic and stayed with the company 10+ years.

George Waters, Rockville, mechanic and stayed with Reed Brothers for 30+ years.

Guy Merry, Rockville, started in 1937 as a mechanic. He entered the armed forces in World War II served for 3 years. When he was released, he returned to his old job.

John Burdette, Gaithersburg, Gas Station attendant, started in 1940. He worked for about one year and then entered the armed services. He served 4 years in World War II and returned to his old job when he was released.

Richard C. Burdette, Rockville, mechanic, started in 1941. He also worked at Reed Brothers until he entered the service. He served 2 years in World War II and then returned to work.

Marvin Riggs Shultz, Sr, Gulf Gas Station Manager, started in 1941. In 1965, he became a new car salesman. He stayed with Reed Brothers for 43 years and holds the distinction of being the company’s longest-tenured employee.

One former employee, Philip Frank, a member of the Air Corps in World War II was in killed in combat in the South Pacific.

At the time this photo was taken, Reed Brothers had in their employ eight veterans of World War II.

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