Fisk Tire Dealer

Reed Brothers was founded and franchised as a Dodge dealership in 1915; less than one year after the first Dodge automobile was made. Initially, Reed Brothers sold Oldsmobile, Essex, and Hudson, along with Dodge. Reed Brothers was a successful company, combining car sales, auto accessories and repair service. They were also a distributor of Fisk Tires which were made in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts.

After seeing the Fisk Tire signs in the photos below, I was curious to learn more about the company and the tires that they made. The history of the Fisk Tire Company is relatively obscure, but as far as is known, Noyes W. Fisk purchased a failing rubber manufacturing company in 1898. Fisk continued the company under his own name and branched out to sell automobile tires. By 1904, most of the country’s major car manufacturers were buying Fisk tires. The tire business, along with many other businesses, fell upon hard times during the great depression. Despite all the country’s hardships, Fisk survived and introduced its new Safti-Flight tire in 1930, and it proved to be an impressive success. (click images to enlarge)

Fisk Tires

This photo was taken by Lewis Reed across from Reed Brothers Dodge, circa 1915. Old St Mary’s Church is in the background.

1915 Rockville Garage

Original 1915 Rockville Garage located at the intersection of Veirs Mill Road and Rockville Pike. The small sign on the right side of the Garage advertises Gasoline, Fisk Tires and Supplies.

1918 Two Story Addition to Original Shop. View From Side

1918 two story addition to the original shop and the signage for Firestone Tires that replaced the Fisk brand that was sold there from circa 1915-1918.

Below is an ad from the September 18, 1915 edition of Automobile Topics that gives you an idea of the cost of tires at the time, which was considerable.

Fisk Tire Ad

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