1950s Personnel

1950 Employee Group at annual company party

1950 Employee Group Photo

Employees of Reed Brothers enjoyed their annual dinner party held at the establishment on Monday, January 8, 1951. A complete course fried chicken dinner was served after which the men enjoyed cards and other entertainment. Shown above left to right: First RowLester Wilson, Shop Foreman; Alfred Fraley, who has been with the company for about 30 years; Lewis Reed, Co-owner; Leo C. Murray, Parts Manager; Arthur L. Watkins, Jr., Sales Manager; E. Lee Gartner, Office Manager. Second RowWarren Belcher, C.K. Burdette, Conway Wilson, Manning Howard, Phillip Vetter, Guy Merry, Archie Talbert, Robert Wright, Marvin Shultz, George Waters, John Burdette. Third RowLloyd McElroy, Nathan Howard, Kelsel Day. Edgar Reed, one of the owners, was unable to attend because of illness. Employees not present at the party were Garnet Howard, Buck Whipp, and Eugene Green. Reed Brothers have been serving Rockville and the county for 35 years and several of their employees have been with them since 1918.

8 responses to “1950s Personnel”

  1. Shannon Vetter says :

    My husband’s grandfather worked for Reed Brothers for many years. He is standing directly behind Lewis Reed in this picture. Phillip Vetter was his name.

    • Reed Brothers says :

      When I posted this photo, I thought to myself, “I bet Phil Vetter is in this photo” …and hopefully someone in his family will see it and tell me if he is. Phil Vetter was Service Manager for Reed Brothers for many years. He is so young in this photo I didn’t recognize him. The photo of Phil and my dad in this post during the 1970s is how I remember him: https://reedbrothersdodgehistory.wordpress.com/?s=charger+topper

      Thank you for visiting Shannon and pointing him out to me!

  2. Mary Ann (Norris) Buhrman says :

    I know dad worked for the county. I’m wondering if I misunderstood about him working for Reed Brother’s. I do know that every car we bought, at least through 1974, was purchased from Reed Brother’s. When I turned 16, he bought me a Dodge Dart. In 1974, he went with me to purchase my first car, a Dodge Dart Sport. My favorite car.

    • Reed Brothers says :

      My mother, Mary Jane Reed Gartner remembers both your mother and father. In fact, she said at one time your parents lived next door to the Reed’s on North Frederick Ave in Gaithersburg! I spoke with her today after receiving your messages and she said she recalled that your father, John Norris, did work at Reed Brothers and then opened his Norris Brothers Garage on Veirs Mill Rd.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to share your information. You comments put a big smile on my face!

      All the best to you,
      Jeanne Gartner

  3. Richard Sleeman says :

    My dad, Kenneth Sleeman, always bought his cars from Marvin Schulltz.

  4. Lynne Longfield says :

    Was there a musical jingle ad for Dodge in 1952 you can provide me info on? Thanks!

    • Reed Brothers says :

      Hello Lynne,

      My apologies for the delayed response!

      Dodge definitely has had its share of hokey commercials with their catchy jingles and advertising slogans. For those of us young enough to remember, Dodge used to be a sponsor of the Lawrence Welk Show along with other companies such as Geritol, Polident, and Aqua Velva. At the end of the show in at least one season, the Welk cast used to sing a jingle to the tune of “Good Night, Ladies.”

      Thanks for stopping by!

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