Meet Our Staff

The success of Reed Brothers over the past 97 years is a testament to countless outstanding employees and their dedication to the company. Each one of them has played an important part in our history. With an average tenure of more than 20 years, many of our employees have invested most of their careers with the dealership. We thank them all for their dedicated service.

Here are just a few of our most recent staff:

left: Steve Branch (Sales Manager) – right: Bill Welsh (Sales Manager)

left: Daniel Garlitz (Manager, Parts Dept) – right: Richard Yamada (Parts Dept)

left: Elissa Gordon (F&I Manager) – right: Dorie Tyson (General Office)

left: Melissa Johnson (Body Shop) – right: Kevin Moran (Service)

left: Matthew Deardorff (Tech) – right: Bernie (Tech)

left: Gary Bynaker (Tech) – right: Daniel Whitworth (Tech)

left: Robert “Mitch” Acker (Viper Tech) – right: Daniel Acker (Tech)

left: Richard Geier (Tech) – right: Jervi Alviar (Lot Attendant)

Left: William Madaras (Shop Apprentice) – right: Jeanne Gartner, Timothy Stake (Service & Sales)

Special Recognition for Going “Above & Beyond”

Reed Brothers would also like to recognize and thank the following two truly exceptional employees who steadfastly stood by us through thick and thin this past year all the way to final closure (and beyond). What sets them apart is their commitment to Reed Brothers as we went through the closing process after our doors were officially closed for business. Both of these individuals spent countless hours helping to box up files for storage, shred seemingly endless quantities of paper, clear out supplies and equipment, and other general wind-down items. We thank them both for going the extra mile with us!

Federico “Fred” Taruc (Controller)

David Salter (Service Manager)

David & Fred helping box up office files for storage

2 responses to “Meet Our Staff”

  1. Charo Feliciano says :

    It is indeed nice to read and know that the brother in law of my husband Mr. Jun Taruc was very much a part of a great company as a Controller. It is am sure a blessing to have him in the work force for many many years. I am sure he was very delighted to have work for such company like Reed who value their people and its employees. Good luck to everyone.

    • Reed Brothers says :

      Hello Charo, We were so fortunate to have Fred as part of our family of employees at Reed Brothers! Thank you for stopping by our blog and for leaving such a nice comment.

      My very best wishes to you,

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