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Reed Brothers Dodge Featured in Norris-Banonis Automotive Calendar

I was delighted to provide Kevin Banonis of Norris-Banonis Group with several photographs to go into the month of May 2015 Automotive Wall Calendar, “Broken Down Heroes”, which features a 1952 Dodge Coronet. The Norris-Banonis calendars have so much information in them, they are known as “coffee table books”. All of the calendars feature icons representing important dates in automotive history as they relate to the calendar.

The calendar showcases twelve months of old abandoned, but not forgotten vehicles found in fields across the U.S. The calendar is in high resolution black and white and highlights the artistic nature of the photographs by noted photographer Bob Christy.

“Broken Down Heroes”, a name that comes from the Jack Kerouac novel “On the Road,” is a product that Bob Christy has been working on since 1998, and has an extensive collection of images, ranging from a 1918 Willys-Overland to a 1969 VW Bug.

2015 Broken Down Heroes Calendar

2015 Broken Down Heroes Cover

The month of May 2015 calendar features Bob Christy’s photo of an old abandoned 1952 Dodge Coronet resting under a tree just south of Columbus, Ohio. (click on calendar image below twice to enlarge). The main part of the calendar features a photograph of Lewis Reed and a small snippet of history.

1915: Lewis Reed opened a Dodge Dealership in Rockville, Maryland. When his brother Edgar returns home from WWI, he gives him 1/3 interest. Eventually, the Reed Brothers will carry Hudson, Oldsmobile, Goodyear Tires, and General Electric Appliances. They will also open the first Gulf brand gasoline station in the area.

Reed Brothers Dodge MAY 1952 Dodge Calendar

At the bottom of the calendar, there is a photo of the 1936 Reed Brothers Dodge canopied Gulf Gas Station and Lewis Reed’s original 1915 Rockville Garage.

For the trivia buff and historians, special dates in automotive history is included throughout. For each featured vehicle, the period dealership information and advertisements are included. These unique calendars also include the Norris-Banonis Group trademarked “U-Auto-Know” facts and details that set them apart from any other calendar on the market.

2015 Broken Down Heroes

2015 Broken Down Heroes Back Cover

The back cover is a look at a sample calendar page, the design of which is the same as 2014. The inside back cover features a 2-page “The EDSEL is on its way!” photo essay.

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