Dodge Dependability

Capitalizing on their reputation, the Dodge Brothers used their name, “Dodge Brothers” followed by “Reliable, Dependable, Sound” to market their products. Devoted Dodge customers raved about the rugged construction, quality, and power of their vehicles. Buyers consistently commented that this was a car that could be depended upon. In a Dodge marketing stroke of genius, Theodore MacManus coined the word “dependability.” Dodge was using the term in advertising from around 1914, and by the 1930’s, the word was appearing in dictionaries, and soon found its way into common, everyday usage.

Dodge 12 Years of Dependability

Montgomery County Sentinel. Feb 25, 1927

Montgomery County sentinel. September 19, 1963


The Beginning of Dodge

On July 17, 1914, the Dodge Brothers company was chartered in Michigan. After “Old Betsy,” its first-ever automobile, rolled off the line, the Dodge name quickly became synonymous with dependability and value.

A History of Innovation

While upholding the Dodge brothers’ commitment to dependability, forward-thinking Chrysler engineers churned out innovations like draft-free ventilation, synchronized front and rear springs and hydraulic brakes.

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