Light Dodger Installation

Light Dodger Installation Press Release

Loading up Light Dodger for transport to Maryland from Holland, Michigan studio…

Day 1 Installation… Sculptor Tj Aitken and crew begins installation of 20-ft Light Dodger sculpture at Bainbridge Shady Grove Apartments in Rockville. The sculpture was delivered on a flatbed truck early morning on August 4. Parking spaces and a lane of King Farm Blvd was blocked off to make room for the massive crane. The sculpture pieces were then hoisted by crane up and over the trees to the foundation pad. Scaffolding then went up for the glass components. The Hemi Piston Street Lamps will be installed along the walkway on Day 2 in addition to the sidewalk etching of the Dodge gasket patterns. (click on images for slide show)

 Day 2 Installation… Scaffolding goes up for the glass components and the 6-foot diameter large glass pieces went in. The circle is lead glass sandwiched in hurricane glass and louvered to spill wind.

Day 3 Installation… Tj and Joe are putting the finishing touches on the sculpture. They are also readying the Hemi Piston Street Lamps for installation on the walkway. From concept to finish, the sculpture has taken one-and-a-half years to complete.

Some pictures from Light Dodger’s first lighting. At dusk the lights come on and the  ’39 Dodge side begins to glow. The light comes from marine LEDs embedded in the surface.


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