Blog Milestone: 300K Page Views

If you ever glance at the blog view counter on the right side of this page, you might have noticed that this blog just went over 300,000 views. After reaching this milestone, I would like to take the time to thank all of you who have visited, followed, shared, or commented on this blog. Visitors to this site on a daily basis continue to grow — we have been visited by folks from all fifty of the United States and 187 different countries world wide.

I have often been asked why I started this blog. For me, it’s because history is important. Sometimes we don’t know we need to do something until it’s handed to us, and once we have it, we suddenly see and feel its value. As we were getting ready to close the doors to the dealership for the last time in May 2012, I was standing in the empty showroom thinking about all the history, past achievements, and hardships the dealership had endured over the years. Few businesses can say they’ve lasted almost a century. It seemed a particularly pertinent time to start thinking about such a project, as it was a time of reminiscence, but also looking forward.

When I stop to think about what Reed Brothers Dodge has experienced over the last century, from World War I, The Great Depression, World War II, to three economic recessions, two energy crises, and numerous Chrysler setbacks — including the first Chrysler Bailout, the sale of Chrysler to Daimler, and the sale to the private equity firm Cerberus — I could not be more proud to be a part of such an amazing story. It takes resilience to weather 97 years in business. The dealership adapted itself multiple times in order to survive. Through the good times and the bad, Reed Brothers Dodge held on and prospered.

I felt it was important to take the time to ensure our history remained accessible for those who read it years from now, or decades from now, when I or other family members who know the story firsthand are no longer around to tell it. How Reed Brothers Dodge came into being, and how the company overcame the inevitable changes and challenges throughout almost a century of being in business — all adds up to a great story.

Creating this blog and sharing our business history has been the most rewarding endeavor of my life. I appreciate all of you for your continued support and making Reed Brothers Dodge History one of the places you visit during the course of your day.

Thanks for reading!

Jeanne Gartner, Blog Author

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About Reed Brothers

I am a co-owner of the former Reed Brothers Dodge in Rockville, Maryland. Lewis Reed, the founder of Reed Brothers Dodge was my grandfather. We were a family-owned and operated car dealership in Rockville for almost a century. I served in the United States Air Force for 30 years before retiring in the top enlisted grade of Chief Master Sergeant in July 2006. In 2016, I received the Arthur M. Wagman Award for Historic Preservation Communication from Peerless Rockville for documenting the history of Reed Brothers Dodge in both blog and book format. This distinguished honor recognizes outstanding achievement by writers, educators, and historians whose work has heightened public awareness of Rockville’s architectural and cultural heritage, growth and development.

2 responses to “Blog Milestone: 300K Page Views”

  1. Jonathan B. Richards II says :

    Thank you , Jeanne Gartner , for all you have done and will do on this blog site. It is one of the finest historically oriented blogs with which I am familiar. Sincerely, Jonathan Richards in Chesterfield, Missouri.

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