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Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company

Pierce Arrow FactoryPrior to World War I and before he opened his Rockville Garage, Lewis Reed worked as a chauffeur, receiving some of his training at the Pierce-Arrow factory in Buffalo, New York, whose car he is pictured with below. Pierce-Arrow was once one of the most recognized and respected names in the automobile industry. For 38 years, the Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company produced some of the finest automobiles made. Their models could easily cost ten times the price of a standard touring car.

Pierce-Arrow became known for its luxury autos, as film stars and heads of state made sure to have at least one Pierce in their collection (William H. Taft made the Arrow the first official car associated with the White House). Later, however, since Pierce-Arrow didn’t have a moderate-priced line, the company suffered during the Depression and closed its Buffalo factory, which has since been declared a landmark.

In the factory’s early days, the roof held a giant illuminated billboard spelling out the word “PIERCE” with a giant arrow displayed behind it.

lewis Reed as Chauffeur

1914 – Chauffeur Lewis Reed (left) is shown with a circa 1910-1911 Pierce-Arrow Model 48 and unidentified family

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