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Silver Anniversary (1915-1940)

In 1940, Reed Brothers Dodge celebrated its 25th Anniversary.

Reed Brothers Dodge 25th Anniversary

1940 – Lewis Reed (2nd from right) receives Dodge Silver Anniversary Award

The inscription on the plaque below reads as follows:

Know All Men By These Presents That

Reed Brothers

has, for 25 years remained in continuous business association with Dodge, in recognition whereof we have caused to be issued this 25th Anniversary token.

Signed by Forest H. Akers, Vice President & Director of Sales. The seal on the bottom is the Dodge Brothers Motor Cars logo. The top of the plaque displays a vertical panel bearing a male figure facing rear with a hammer cutting the word “Dependability” across; below the arm, A Word, A Fact, A Tradition. In the background is an image of the Dodge Brothers Hamtramck factory.

Reed Brothers Dodge 25th Anniversary

Plaque is a silver scroll mounted on highly polished wood


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